PhD Opportunity: Network Security and Mitigation Techniques in Software Defined Networks – Oct. 2018

Project Details:

Software Defined Networks have transformed the current networking environment by offering scalability, programmability and flexibility in the network architecture. However, even though SDNs make it easier to mitigate specific attacks, such as DoS, they open up the space for new types of attack. Currently, OpenFlow, is the most popular SDN implementation and is used in some production environments.

The successful applicant will perform high-quality research, at Wolfson School’s “Signal Processing and Networks” research group, in topics related to computer networks and network security. Therefore, a strong background in computer network communications is essential (e.g. the OSI stack). A core element of this project will be advanced network attacks, threat detection and mitigation techniques implemented in distributed SDN networks using the OpenFlow protocol (or equivalent). Of particular research interest to this project for achieving these goals are the following tools: pattern recognition for advanced network attacks, machine learning and statistical algorithms for anomaly-based intrusion detection, distributed algorithms and game theory. Development and research on some of these tools will be the “heart” of the research project.

In addition the project will follow a practical/demonstrable approach, rather than restrict in theoretical approaches, and therefore, network traffic measurements and network architecture vulnerability exploration are going to be elements of the project.

Desired Skills:

Knowledge of network communications protocol stack (such as TCP/IP, 802.11), experience with machine learning techniques, experience with C, Python or MATLAB programming and Linux OS are desirable.

Regarding the PhD position:

If awarded, each 3 year studentship will provide a tax-free stipend of £14,786 p.a ( provisional), plus tuition fees at the UK/EU rate (currently £4,262 p.a). While we welcome applications from non EU nationals, please be advised that due to funding restrictions it will only be possible to fund the tuition fees at the international rate and no stipend will be available. Successful candidates will be notified by 30th April 2018.



Dr. Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos and Professor Sangarapillai Lambotharan

For further details

Contact Dr Kyriakopoulos at “elkk [at]” with email subject “SDN 2018”.